World Cup Tips Uruguay – France 6/07/2018

World Cup Tips Uruguay - France

Uruguay – France World Cup Tips

Uruguay returned to being equal to itself, in another victory, now before Portugal. And 4 games go 4 wins of the charrua formation, always with a concrete defense and a attack with little ball, but cynical. So, in these quarterfinals, France will not be surprised by the way Uruguay play. The French sent the Pampas team home in a game of madmen, and the one that brought the most excitement in this World Cup so far. A game in which emerged another talent of this world, Mbappé “destroyed” the Argentine defense! Thus, in the Nizhny Novgorod Stadium a France is expected to have possession of the ball, to take over the game, and a Uruguay sent to its fortress, leaving only by the right, and with much danger, to the networks of Lloris. The favoritism is from France, in this quarterfinals game, at least theoretically, but with the quality of the duo Suárez and Cavani, all care is little. Can the celestial team win the 5th consecutive game in this World Cup?

Uruguay impresses by its record, are 4 games with 4 victories, two of them against selections that could present serious difficulties, like Russia and Portugal.

In addition, it also impresses the number of goals conceded, only one and against Portugal.

France in terms of numbers did slightly worse as they won 3 and drew 1, but the draw with Denmark served perfectly the interests of the French.

The strongest point in France is their offensive quality. Mbappé emerged to his full potential and scored twice in the match against Argentina. With Griezmann and Giroud, France has arguments to pierce the Uruguayan defense.

Prediction Uruguay – France

The difficulty in going overboard is implicit in this 2018 World Cup. Normally, in games to eliminate, teams tend to defend well, risk in the right measure, and odds of under 2.5 goals are usually appealing. However, in the first two games of these round of 16 we had two overs. However there are two factors to take into account in this game, and it is worth to opt for under 2.5 goals. The first is the possible absence of Cavani, who will only be re-evaluated today. If he does not play, the odds for Uruguay will drop dramatically, since much of the Uruguayan offensive production results from the perfect knowledge and complementarity of the qualities of the two advanced Suarez and Cavani. France know how difficult it is to score this Uruguay, so all care will be few, to avoid suffering goals from the “charrua”. Under 2.5 goals.

Prediction Today: Under 2.5 goals
Odds: 1.54

Prediction of the Day: Victory of France
Odds: 2.05

Prediction Today: Kylian Mbappé score
Odds: 3.20