Padova vs Cittadella Betting Tips 3 November 2018

Football Betting Tips Padova vs Cittadella

The derby is always the derby, with the same tensions and great expectations, that you play in Padua, Rome or Milan. The one between Padua and Cittadella does not escape the rule, even to the one that wants that in the stracittadine there are not favored. And in this, if we want, even less, because the two teams are not going through a brilliant moment and come from some not really positive result. On the one hand the derby could raise them, on the other – however – a possible defeat could be a blow to the morale of those who succumb. Obviously the fans are allowed to the spells, but this could really be the match of the classic crossroads of the season …

The key points of the prediction Padova vs Cittadella

The Padova has a long line of victories without victories: the biancoscudati, in fact, do not collect three points from nine races!

Landlords in great difficulty: in the last eight championship games disputed five defeats and only three draws.

Even the Citadel, in reality, is not going through it very well: after a start launched, a sharp slowdown has come …

In the last four races the guests have collected three draws and only one victory, although very important (0-1 against Pescara leaders).

Before these four consecutive useful results, however, the Citadel had stumbled into two bad defeats: first at home against Benevento and then away against Spezia.

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As said, we face two teams not really at the top (to say the least), but at least the Citadel recently gave timid signs of awakening. We choose the double chance X2.

Betting Tips: X2
Odds: 1.48

Betting Tips Palermo vs Crotone 7/10/2018

Free Betting Tips Palermo vs Crotone

Palermo and Crotone were (and remain, of course) two of the main favorites of this Serie B championship, both for the blazon of the two teams, and because the rose available to their coaches has the quality to compete at the highest levels. What for now is not happening, because a series of negative results (especially in the case of Crotone) has complicated those that were the plans of the eve. The last unexpected stop of Palermo, however, has cooled the enthusiasm in the rosanero house. This challenge to the Favorita could already be an important crossroads for these two teams, who must play-force trying to react to a difficult situation.

The key points of the prediction Palermo vs Crotone

The Palermo in the last round has stumbled into an unexpected and bad defeat on the field of Brescia: 2-1 the final result.

Curiously, just recently Brescia has also blocked the Crotone Scida, nailing it on par: 2-2 the outcome of the race.

First, however, it was not so much better for the Calabrians, who came from two consecutive losses in the league.

First the internal one against Hellas Verona (1-2 the final result), then the one on the field of surprise Pescara (2-1).

If nothing else, the Palermo, however, before the defeat against Brescia was a veteran of two consecutive victories (in Foggia and at home against Perugia).

Football Tips Palermo vs Crotone

The ranking does not respect the qualities and ambitions of these two teams, but they have to react and show that they have also characteristic qualities. Favourite is not easy for anyone, so we choose a 1X double chance, to which we add an Under 3.5 to raise the odds a bit.

Betting Tips: 1X + Under 3.5
Odds: 1.56