Darmstadt vs St. Pauli Free Betting Tips 29 January 2019

Darmstadt vs St. Pauli Betting Tips

As the last of the three German professional leagues, the 2. Bundesliga will resume play operations during the week and will start the remainder of the 2018/19 season with the 19th matchday after the first round of the first round of the season was held last year. Already next Tuesday stands with the duel of cult clubs and former Bundesliga Darmstadt vs. St. Pauli is an ideal pick-me-up on the diary.

Best Bet of the Day Darmstadt vs St. Pauli

While the lilies as table thirteenth despite six points ahead of the endangered places are still far from all relegation worries unmarried, the Kiezkicker delivered in third from around a convincing preliminary round and have especially convinced abroad, where already five successes in the balance sheet. Unlike the SVD, who does not get a leg on the ground in a foreign land and slowly mutates into a shooting gallery in enemy places. Immediately before the winter break there was with the 2: 6 in Paderborn the heartiest bankruptcy since the re-emergence 2014. At the game Darmstadt vs. St. Pauli favor odds easily score.

Darmstadt – Statistics & Current Form

The worst came last! This reversal of a well-known proverb fully applies to the lilies, who said goodbye to the bankruptcy in Paderborn (2: 6) with a disillusioning six-pack into the winter break. This debacle clearly showed where it stuck the most in the SVD in the preliminary round.
Had the lilies with only 15 goals against the best defensive of the past second half, the South Hesse have more than doubled this value in the current series with 33 impacts and are outbid only here by the taillights Magdeburg and Ingolstadt. This blatant weakness is all the more remarkable, as SVD coach Dirk Schuster always assigns a functioning defensive and solid, uncompromising defensive work the highest priority. But the experienced quadruplet chain around the winter break in Turkey migrated captain Aytac Sulu afforded unfamiliar blunders and lack of concentration, which were punished in this brutally balanced class immediately. In addition, there was too often the lack of readiness of the rest of the team, especially in case of losing ball consistently work behind. Also in the offensive the South Hessians were to calculate with mostly idealess forward played balls too easy. Newcomer Serdar Dursun has met the expectations so far with six matches to date, but was far too often left on his own due to the lack of support from his side-players. This also applies to playmaker Tobias Kempe. Although he was also already six times successful, but has no congenial counterpart in the defensive midfield. If this antiquated game system at the domestic and now under construction “Bölle” still halfway works, it was abroad another piece of mosaic for the striking failure. In foreign parts, the SVD is the second-weakest team in the class with only one win (1-0 in Heidenheim)! Consequently, the South Hesse are emphatically looking for reinforcements. There is currently a great deal of interest in Erich Berko from Dresden, who is known to be extremely flexible and would be fit for action on both wings as well as right-back. At the start of the season against St.Pauli, Winterneuzugang Palsson celebrates his start-up debut, while Gündüz is still missing due to injury.

Expected formation of Darmstadt:
Heuer Fernandes-Rieder, Franke, Höhn, Holland-Palsson, Medojevic-Heller, Mehlem, Jones-Dursun

Last matches of Darmstadt:

  • 22.01.2019 – Darmstadt vs. Germany Paderborn 1: 2 (Friendlies)
  • 17.01.2019 – Darmstadt vs. Germany Rapperswil-Jona 0: 0 (friendlies)
  • 14.01.2019 – 1860 Munich vs. Germany Darmstadt 0: 1 (Friendlies)
  • 08.01.2019 – Darmstadt vs. Germany Wiesbaden 2: 1 (Friendlies)
  • 23.12.2018 – Paderborn Vs. Darmstadt 6: 2 (2nd Bundesliga)

St. Pauli – Statistics & Current Form

The Kiez kickers were visibly boosted by the participation of local rivals and autumn champion HSV and are as current third in the table fully in the promotion race. After a mixed start, the men of Millerntor have been unbeaten for seven games and have all won the last three games. Showpiece of St. Pauli is a well-rehearsed and well-coordinated defensive, which together with Cologne is the third best of the 2nd Bundesliga with only 22 goals. In the favored by coach Markus Kauczinski 4-2-3-1 formation played by Regensburg in the summer to Millerntor Martin Knoll an outstanding Hinserie Abräumer before the defense. The double six with Johannes Flum and Jeremy Dudziak was an absolute guarantee of success, especially in the past games, while in the attacking midfield Sami Allagui and the injury-prone Christopher Buchtmann pull the strings. A downside is the severe cruciate ligament injury of striker Henk Vermann, who is with six goals so far the most successful scorer of the Paulians. The same fate befell last time center-back Philipp Ziereis, who is therefore not available for several months. Also missing soon captain Bernd Nehrig, who joined the third league taillight Eintracht Braunschweig in the winter break. After all, St. Pauli was able to sign two noteworthy new entrants with Leverkusen-born U20 international Jakub Bednarczyk and Frankfurt cult striker Alex Meier. The latter is a native of Hamburg and played for the Hanseatic League from 2001-2003. However, whether said person is already used in Darmstadt is currently more than questionable. On the one hand, Meier has due to lack of mission time still conditional backlog, on the other hand are in attack despite the injury of Veerman with Allagui and Diamantakos high-profile alternatives available. So it is not surprising that the Kiezkicker in Darmstadt vs. Germany. St. Pauli are slightly favored by the odds.

Expected formation of St. Pauli:

Himmelmann- Zander, Carstens, Avevor, Buballa- Knoll, Dudziak- Miyaichi, Buchtmann, Möller Daehli- Diamantakos

Last matches of St. Pauli:

  • 21.01.2019 – St. Pauli Vs. Uerdingen 0: 0 (club friendlies)
  • 16.01.2019 – St. Pauli Vs. Wiesbaden 3: 2 (club friendlies)
  • 11.01.2019 – St. Pauli Vs. Sporting Charleroi 2: 3 (club friendlies)
  • 22.12.2018 – St. Pauli Vs. Magdeburg 4: 1 (2nd Bundesliga)
  • 15.12.2018 – St. Pauli Vs. Fürth 2: 0 (2nd Bundesliga)

Darmstadt vs St. Pauli Direct Comparison & Statistics Highlights

The previous balance sheet of both opponents in the 2nd Bundesliga is close to Darmstadt with six wins, two draws and five defeats. They also won both matches in the preseason (3: 0 and 1: 0). The first leg at Millerntor in the current round went 2-0 to St. Pauli. Neudecker and Buchtmann scored after the change the decisive goals against, as so often in the foreign, bloodless Darmstädter.

Darmstadt v St. Pauli Free Betting Tips

With Darmstadt and St. Pauli meet at the beginning of the year in the 2nd Bundesliga two teams, whose previous season course was very different. Darmstadt has only scored two points from the last six games without a win. With 33 goals, the lilies behind Ingolstadt and Magdeburg have the third weakest defense of all second division. In particular, due to the recent performances, the Südhessen are still not all worried, despite six points ahead of the relegation zone. In a bottom line unsatisfactory preliminary round Darmstadt most likely delivered at home passable achievements.

St. Pauli is one of the positive surprises in the previous second division season. The Kiez kickers have been undefeated for seven games and have won three times in a row. The Hamburg have already won five games away from home and profit particularly from the well-rehearsed and extremely compact defense.

Key Facts – Darmstadt vs St. Pauli tips

Darmstadt has only scored two points from the last six games without a win
With 33 goals, the lilies have the third weakest defensive of the class
St. Pauli has been unbeaten in seven games and has won the last three games

Betting Tips: X
Odds: 3.25