Czech Republic vs Montenegro Free Betting Tips 10/06/2019

Czech Republic vs Montenegro Free Betting Tips


The Czech Republic tries to take the next step.


Czech Republic vs Montenegro Today’s Free Betting Tips

After failing in the last World Cup qualifiers, the Czech Republic started the new cycle with many doubts.

But although it is not bright today, the answers have begun to be given. but something is still missing.

After a debut in these disastrous qualifiers, the Czech Republic managed a good result against a direct rival, Bulgaria, winning it at home by 2 × 1.

Once again, the Czech Republic hopes to achieve their desired regularity to stay in the qualifying zone for the European Championship, proving their favoritism to keep one of the vacancies in the group.

Despite some irregularities, the home factor can be a differential for you.

In the last six matches played, the Czech Republic scored only five goals and suffered ten in this period.

The selection of Montenegro even managed to make a World Cup qualifier quite dignified, although the dispute for one of the vacancies was only on the mathematical issues, in my opinion.

The campaign that could give a seal of confidence to pursue evolution, however, did not happen.

Since then, Montenegro has been suffering – whether in friendly matches or contests. In the League of Nations, he’d had a very bad campaign – it was not worse because there was someone worse off than yours at the time.

Montenegro has some good values, it manages to have some offensive regularity, but it can hardly present the something more with the sector. Defensively, the lack of confidence to be sturdier is more glaring.

In the last six matches, Montenegro scored eight goals and suffered eleven in that period.

Our Free Betting Tips Czech Republic vs Montenegro

The Czech Republic signs with better days, but still needs to prove more. Montenegro, did not happen after the dignified campaign in the last Qualifiers for the World Cup.

The defensive play of the visiting team is more accessible. If the Czech Republic confirms that it is evolving and can play again in front of its fans, it will deserve favoritism here.

Betting Tips: Czech Republic
Odds: 1.58