Celta Vigo vs Real Madrid Football Tips 11/11/2018

Celta Vigo vs Real Madrid Football Tips

Today’s Football Tips Celta Vigo vs Real Madrid

After the “manita” suffered by Barcelona, the season of Real Madrid seemed to have taken a decidedly negative and almost irreversible turn. The change on the bench, however, gives the feeling of having given the shock that Florentino Perez expected: via Lopetegui, inside Solari and the team started playing again. A case? Hard to believe it. In any case, although the matches played so far with the new technician were not prohibitive, Bale and his companions gave signs of awakening. Everything to be confirmed in the match of Vigo: Real Madrid for once is forced to chase and can not absolutely afford further missteps to avoid returning to the negative spiral.

The key points of the prediction Celta Vigo vs Real Madrid

Speaking of negative spirals, Celta Vigo, who has won only one of the last nine games, does not exactly pass it.

The “disease” of Celta is called “pareggite”: there are five, in fact, the races ended in a draw in the last nine races played.

But then there are also three defeats: suio fields of Girona and Sevilla (respectively 3-2 and 2-1) and at home against Alaves (0-1).

After the “manit” suffered by Barcelona, however, Real Madrid has given an awakened: victory at home against Real Sociedad (2-0).

It is the race on Wednesday in the Champions League, however, that could have given an answer about the state of health of the merengues: 0-5 at Viktoria Pilsen.

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As mentioned, neither the one with Real Sociedad, nor the one against Viktoria Pilsen (with all due respect) can be considered to be victories out-of-pocket. In any case, the team with Solari showed timid signs of awakening. We trust and choose the final result.

Bet Tip: Real Madrid
Odds: 1.62